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Friday Harbour

Property Manager

Role Summary

The Property Manager is a representative of Friday Harbour Property Management Inc. Friday Harbour Property Management Inc. is a subsidiary of Friday Harbour Resort Holdings Inc. The Property Manager will oversee day-to-day operations of the Condominium Corporations assigned to them. This role is responsible for managing the financial, communication and operational process of the condominium corporation. The Property Manager is accountable to the Board of Directors of the Condo Corporations that they are assigned.

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●Monitor, manage and control the expenses and the budget for the Condominium Corporations

●Manage pertinent communications to homeowners on Condominium Corporation business

●Oversee all installation, repair and upkeep operations of the condominium corporations

●Responsible for overseeing the multi-skilled maintenance service on all operational equipment within the shared facilities at Friday Harbour

●Manage relationships with contractors and service providers for such services as landscaping, housekeeping, pest control and pool maintenance, working closely with the maintenance team

●May be required to conduct duties in similar capacity by supporting the maintenance of resort amenities as necessary

●Request quotations, make contracts, supervise work and approve invoices for all services required to maintain the common elements and condominium corporations

●Collaborate with the Chief Property Officer to develop, manage and maintain as-built drawing systems, cut sheet library and accurate maintenance logs

●Develop procedures and ensure implementation and compliance for housekeeping and management

●Complete and record inspections of the facilities to identify and resolve issues

●Keep accurate records of space conditions including roof, HVAC and utilities

●Plan and oversee all repair and installation activities

●Monitor equipment inventory and place orders when necessary

●Facilitate emergency or unscheduled repairs of equipment, structures and grounds

●Ensure all facilities are up to code and compliant with any relevant legislation

●Perform regular inspections of units, common areas, building exteriors, and landscape

●Ensure effective management of loss prevention, risk management, security, maintenance, marketing, landscaping, snow removal, ventilation, heating, cooling and other daily activities

●Analyze and distribute monthly financial statements including operating variances from budget and cash management

●Manage the creation and updates of reserve fund studies as required by the Condo Act

●Facilitate the performance audit process within first year following registration of new condominium corporations

●Plan and manage replacement of major capital expense items such as HVAC system, roof systems and parking lot surfaces

●Provide general status reports for condominium corporations as scheduled

●Ensure 24/7 availability of emergency response service

●Monitor emergency generator as required by code and CSA guidelines

●Maintain heating and air conditioning systems and environmental safeguards and alarm systems including fire alarms and extinguishers

●Collaborate with Health and Safety team to ensure a department specific Health and Safety policy, program and procedures are developed and maintained

●Develop a total quality maintenance schedule, ensure full preventative, condition based, predictive and reliability centered maintenance activities are carried out

●Manage the process of the introduction of new machinery, plant and equipment from drawing up the specification, to managing suppliers through to full installation in collaboration with all relevant parties

●Oversee the process of disposal of obsolete machinery, plant and equipment from gaining agreement to write off to physically removing it and its safe and lawful disposal

●Lead, coach and develop a high performing team that meets agreed objectives, and which delivers best practice results, added value and continuous improvements

●Facilitate the Tarion process (In-suite and common elements) for new Condominium Corporations coming into occupancy at the Resort

●Provide all management services not listed above as required by business contract for Property Management Services and as required by the Condo Act

●Work as a team member with the Developer for the interim occupancy/registration phase to ensure that the Condominium Corporation is organized and ready for seamless turnover to the Homeowner’s Board of Directors

●Compliance with all safety regulations of assigned tasks, and ensure a clean and safe working environment with active participation in the health and safety program

●Adhere to all environmental policies and programs as required

●Other duties as assigned

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