ACMO Licensing Education

Those wishing to manage a condominium in Ontario require a licence.  The Condominium Management Regulatory Authority of Ontario (CMRAO) oversees licensing and sets the educational and training requirements that must be met. Your educational pathway depends on whether or not you hold a licence and the type of licence you hold.  Click here to view the education pathway for current and future licensees. 

Prior to November 1, 2021, ACMO was the exclusive provider of the four condominium management courses required for licensing.  The following ACMO condominium management courses are still valid for licensing purposes provided they are successfully completed by October 31, 2022:

ACMO’s courses are offered online through Ontario Learn, hosted by Mohawk College. For course start dates, pricing and registration information see below.

NOTE:  All applicants for a General Licence who have enrolled in and/or have completed any of ACMO’s courses prior to November 1, 2021, AND successfully complete ALL of these courses by October 31, 2022, will have complied with the educational requirements for a General Licence. If you do not complete all four of these courses by October 31, 2022, you will not be eligible for a General Licence and will have to complete the new education requirements set by the CMRAO which came into effect on November 1, 2021. For information on the new educational requirements for licensing and continuing education for license renewal contact the CMRAO at 1-866-888-5426 or email

Ontario Learn

For information on ACMO courses online through Ontario Learn, visit their website at and enter the word ‘condominium’ in the search box.

Mohawk College

For information on ACMO condominium management courses, visit Mohawk College's website at, contact Mohawk at 905-575-2203 or email: