Challenge Exams


ACMO’s Challenge Exams are intended for condominium property managers with a Transitional General License (TGL) and at least five years of experience prior to November 1, 2017, who wish to obtain a general licence. TGL holders may apply to take four challenge exams in place of taking ACMO’s full courses.  

Note that Transitional General License holders intending to apply for a General Licence have until May 31, 2022, to complete the licensing educational requirements and make an application with the CMRAO. This means you must have completed your four challenge exams no later than May 15, 2022, to allow time for marking.


Course Materials

Challenge exams are based on what is covered in the ACMO courses, so it is suggested that candidates purchase the four-course manuals and allow themselves time to study and prepare for each challenge exam. When an application for challenge exams is approved, an order form will be supplied.


The fee for each exam is $250.00 +HST. Candidates must submit a Challenge Exam Application as well as a resume clearly outlining their five years of experience (prior to November 1, 2017) and with contact information for ACMO to confirm that experience (either senior management at the employer or board members of the corporation at which the candidate was employed).

Grade Requirements

A candidate must achieve a passing grade of 75% on each challenge exam; if the passing grade is not achieved, the candidate will be required to successfully complete the relevant ACMO course. Candidates must agree to ACMO sharing their pass/fail status on each challenge exam with the CMRAO.

Please remember that it is the CMRAO who will issue the licence, and candidates must meet ALL the requirements to obtain their licence, not just the educational requirement of challenge exams or courses. If you have any additional questions about the licensing process, please visit www.cmrao.ca or email info@cmrao.ca.

Challenge Exam Application