Course Information


Four courses are required to be eligible to apply for a condominium management licence. They are:

Note that on November 1, 2021, responsibility for licensing education will transfer to the CMRAO, and they will be introducing 6 different courses that will be required for licensing. Notwithstanding this, the four ACMO courses will continue to be valid education for a licence until October 31, 2022, provided that a person has enrolled in at least one ACMO course before November 1, 2021.  If they do this and complete the four ACMO courses by October 31, 2022, they will be deemed to have met the education requirement for licensing. If a person applies for a limited licence AFTER November 1, 2021, and has registered in one ACMO course prior to that date, they will also have to complete one additional course that is offered through CMRAO and is now a requirement of obtaining a limited licence.

Visit www.cmrao.ca, and click on Education and Your Education Pathway to see more information and to confirm the transition plan.

Courses are offered online through Ontario Learn, hosted by Mohawk College. Some ACMO 2000 certified property management companies also offer ACMO courses, but you must be an employee of those companies to enroll. Courses offered at the colleges are open to everyone wishing to pursue their RCM designation.

Please note: You must contact the individual colleges (see contact information below) for course start dates, prices and to register for a course.

Ontario Learn

For information on ACMO courses online through Ontario Learn, please visit the website at: www.ontariolearn.com, and enter the word Condominium in the search box on the home page.

Mohawk College

For information on ACMO courses online at Mohawk College, please visit the Mohawk College website or contact Mohawk at 905-575-2203 or email: cetechnology@mohawkcollege.ca.