Transitional General Licence (TGL)

If you have a TGL, you must complete the educational requirements to get your General Licence prior to May 31, 2022. If you have not already done so, here is a summary of the options you have to complete the educational requirements:

Option 1: Complete the four ACMO courses.  

Successful completion of an ACMO course requires a grade of at least 51% on the final exam AND an overall course grade of 60%.

During COVID-19 restrictions:

ACMO courses can be completed online through Ontario Learn. Online courses are offered six times per year, with classes starting in January, March, May, July, September and November. In order to meet the May 31st deadline, you must be enrolled in the last of your four courses for January 2022.

Courses have limited class sizes and fill up quickly. It would be advisable NOT TO WAIT until 2022, but rather sign up now to ensure you can get the courses completed in the time left.


Option 2: Complete four challenge exams (in place of the ACMO courses)- Now available online.

If you have at least five years of experience as a condominium manager before November 1, 2017, you can apply to write four challenge exams in the place of taking the four courses.

The challenge exam application is found HERE, and requires that you provide a resume plus either one senior manager from your company who can confirm your experience, or two members of a condominium board for whom you have provided full-time condominium management experience who can also confirm your experience.

Once approved, you can place an order for the course manual for the first exam you wish to write, as the exams are based on the course manuals. When you feel you are prepared, contact info@acmo.org to find out how to register for your challenge exam online through our partner, Mohawk College.

Those taking challenge exams must achieve a grade of 75%; failure to do so requires that you must take the course for that subject area.

You should be sure to complete your last challenge exam before the deadlines listed for the courses above, should you not successfully complete the exam and have to take the course instead.