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April 6, 2022   News

ACMO Issues Reprimand to Larlyn Property Management

ACMO’s Membership Standards Committee met on March 17, 2022, to review the Decisions and Orders of the Discipline Committee issued by the CMRAO wherein Larlyn Property Management Ltd. admitted to a failure to comply with the Code of Ethics under clause 58(1) of the CMSA and failed to provide timely transfer of documents, return of funds, and provide competent and responsive service.  Follow this link for more information.

The committee determined that Larlyn’s behaviour was unacceptable and blatant contravention of ACMO’s Code of Corporate Ethics and the principles of the ACMO 2000 Certification program.  The committee issued a Notice of Reprimand to Larlyn Property Management and suspended their ACMO 2000 Certified status pending the results of a full certification audit which must be completed before July 1, 2022.

In the meantime, the suspension will be noted on ACMO 2000 Certification online registry.