An Open Letter to Greg Rickford, Ministry of Energy, Mines & Northern Development


Regarding Concerns Over Changes to the Ontario Energy Rebate program (OER) 


Posted on May 11, 2021

October 1, 2020

The Honourable Greg Rickford 
Ministry of Energy, Mines & Northern Development
Whitney Block Rm 5630,
99 Wellesley St W, Toronto, ON M7A 1W3

RE: Concerns Over Changes to the Ontario Energy Rebate program (OER) 


Minister Rickford:

We are writing today on behalf of our members and the tens of thousands of condominium owners across Ontario that will be negatively affected by the removal of the 31.8% Ontario Electricity Rebate as of November 1st.  The change in the interpretation of the regulations of the OER will result in substantial increases in the electricity costs for countless residential condominium corporations. 

While condos with one bulk hydro meter for the entire community (in suite and common areas) will continue to receive the rebate, those that have contracted directly with an LDC and have multiple or separate meters for in-suite consumption, common areas and shared facilities will not – they will be now be considered commercial and see their electricity cost jump by 31.8%.  

In our opinion this is an inconsistent and unjustified application of the rebate that results in unfair and unequitable treatment of excluded condominium owners.  We respectfully ask that you re-evaluate the OER program in the interests of equity and fairness for all condo owners and corporations throughout the province. 

If you have any questions or would like to further discuss the matter do not hesitate to contact me.


Paul MacDonald
Executive Director of ACMO

Dean McCabe
President of ACMO