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Joint Statement from ACMO, CCI-T, and CAI on Safety & Security in Condominiums



Posted on April 13, 2023


Toronto, ON,  April 13, 2023:  As outlined in our joint statement on January 12, 2023, the Association of Condominium Managers of Ontario (ACMO), the Canadian Condominium Institute’s (CCI) Toronto Chapter, and the Community Associations Institute (CAI) Canadian Chapter continue to work together to ensure that the condominium industry is better equipped to manage concerns relating to violence and/or mental health in communities.
We thank all interested candidates that responded to our call for volunteers. Based on the responses received, we have struck three committees:

  • Legislation Committee: To review appropriate opportunities for legislative reform to better protect personal safety in condominiums and educate government agencies about how best to minimize risk for condominium communities.
  • Resources Committee: To identify and promote appropriate resources relating to mental health and conflict de-escalation to support condominium corporations in the future.  This may include better educating other organizations about the unique challenges in condominiums. The committee may also identify missing resources that should be developed.
  • Policy Committee: To review and identify best practices and template policies which will improve governance and proactively support condominium corporations.

We are very pleased to welcome the following volunteer committee members to work on this important issue:
Legislation Committee
Jeronim Dyrmishi, Synapse Property Management Inc.
Antoni Casalinuovo, Elia Associates PC
John Resendes, Condominium Director     
Chris Poland, Malvern Condominium Property Management
Jacqueline Miller, Condominium Director
Nancy Houle, Davidson Condo Law
Denise Lash, Lash Condo Law
Dean McCabe, Meritus Group
Deborah Howden, Shibley Righton
Bill Thompson, Condominium Director
Armand Conant, Shibley Righton LLP
Resources Committee
Benjamin Tabesh, Condor Security Inc.
Murray Johnson, Crossbridge Condominium Services Ltd.
Shauna Grant, Reid Management
Sandhya Patel, Condominium Director
Harry Nielsen, Waters Edge Property Management Inc
Joe Hill, Lionheart Property Management
Simon DeSilva-Naimji, Delcondo
Jennifer Ricci, ICC Property Management Ltd
Joy Mathews, Rutherford and Mathews
Policy Committee
Quintin Johnstone, Samsonshield Inc.
Joel Dekter, Regal Security Inc.
Roger Tickner, Tickner & Associates Inc.
Aldo Carinci, iSource Solutions Inc.
Lisa Robles, Condominium Director           
Mahmood Shabani, Online Property Management Inc
Bradley Chaplick, Horlick Levitt Di Lella LLP
Laura Lee, Duka Consulting
Darya Molodyko, Delcondo
Scott Hundey, MVP Properties
Jason Reid, National Life Safety Group
Alana Phelps, Crossbridge Condominium Services
We are also seeking involvement from and the Toronto Police Services, but do not have these members confirmed yet.
Thank you,
Katherine Gow, ACMO President
Lyndsey McNally, CCI-Toronto President
Sally Thompson, CAI Vice-President


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About The Community Associations Institute (CAI)
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Association Spokespeople: 
Katherine Gow, ACMO President
Lyndsey McNally, CCI President
Sally Thompson, CAI Vice-President

Paul MacDonald, ACMO Executive Director 
(905) 826-6890, x205