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Condominium Management: A “Booming” Profession with Ample Reward
Condominium management may not be on the top of the list on career day, however this industry allows individuals from a variety of backgrounds to use their soft skills and grow through opportunities and learn from experiences.

When and How to Change Contractors
As Condominium Managers, a large part of our role is engaging third party trades or contractors to direct the maintenance and repair of the common elements of our clients.

How Condo Managers Can Stand Out in 2019
As of November 2017, every condominium manager in Ontario is required to hold a valid licence issued by the Condominium Management Regulatory Authority of Ontario (CMRAO).

Working with Condo Boards that Want to Manage
In previous blog entries, we reviewed Advice for New Condominium Managers, and How to Successfully Transition to a New Property. So you’ve started your career (or are still advancing it) and you’ve set yourself up for success in your new property.

Managing Morale in the Age of Licensing
Since licensing was introduced in Ontario, there has been an increased demand for qualified Condominium Managers. This has resulted in Managers moving between organizations, and it has become a game of musical chairs as the industry adjusts to the licensing requirements.

Managing Conflict in Condominiums
Conflict is an inescapable part of life, and it will occur in our role as Condominium Managers more often than many of us would like. Being proficient in conflict management is therefore an essential skill for any Condominium Manager to possess.

Choosing the Right Contractor
We, as Condominium Managers, are often approached by seasoned sales professionals who offer a large range of new products and services to buildings.

Advice for New Condominium Managers
Condominium Property Management can be an exciting and rewarding profession. In a single day you can find yourself building relationships, organizing a complex construction project, and navigating human rights or other legal matters.

Building a Kid-Friendly Condominium Community
Much has been written recently on the growing number of families choosing to put down roots in condominium communities. Many developers are even beginning to design condominiums with families in mind by including special facilities and playgrounds from the planning stages.

Building Trust with Your Condo Board
Trust is defined as reliance on the integrity, strength, ability, or surety of a person or thing; confidence. A relationship with your clients built on trust is extremely important because, as a Condominium Property Manager, you are entrusted to manage what will often be the largest investment for an individual