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Advice for New Condominium Managers
Condominium Property Management can be an exciting and rewarding profession. In a single day you can find yourself building relationships, organizing a complex construction project, and navigating human rights or other legal matters.

Building a Kid-Friendly Condominium Community
Much has been written recently on the growing number of families choosing to put down roots in condominium communities. Many developers are even beginning to design condominiums with families in mind by including special facilities and playgrounds from the planning stages.

Building Trust with Your Condo Board
Trust is defined as reliance on the integrity, strength, ability, or surety of a person or thing; confidence. A relationship with your clients built on trust is extremely important because, as a Condominium Property Manager, you are entrusted to manage what will often be the largest investment for an individual

When to Get a Professional’s Opinion
The first skill I harnessed very early in my career is to be extremely humble. As property managers we are often looked upon to wear several different hats regardless of our training in a particular field.

Building Community Among Your Residents
Throughout my career, I have been committed to ensuring our communities are maintained at a high standard in an ongoing effort to meet and exceed the expectations of the residents.

How to Successfully Transition to a New Condominium Property
Taking on a new property can be a little scary, even for an experienced Condominium Property Manager.

Advancing your Career as a Condominium Property Manager
Advancement in your career is a very common goal. Whether you are motivated by recognition, financially, or you are naturally drawn to challenges; most individuals will reach a point where they are ready to take a step up.

Planning for Success: Tips for Short- and Long-Term Planning
We all know that Condos are “not-for-profit” corporations acting within specific regulations set by governments, Corporation’s Declaration, rules and policies with a view to all other Acts, Codes and Laws with limitations.

Recipe for Stress-Free AGM Preparation
Preparing for an AGM involves a lot of work and can be quite stressful. The new Act adds a few new requirements, but also provides a few ways to facilitate things.

Managing a Manager’s Workload
Time Management Tips for Condominium Property Managers