Keeping up with Cleanliness

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Cleanliness in condominiums and commercial buildings has become a significant concern over the past few years. Common areas are high-traffic areas, especially in the GTA, with more residences in bigger buildings. This is why we spend a lot of time cleaning condominium common areas multiple times a week. 

As a building owner or property manager, you have the unique responsibility of making sure your properties are kept clean, up-to-date, and safe. Keeping up with maintenance and working with the right professionals is the key to a successful, clean building.


An essential part of maintaining your building is keeping it clean and safe. This means you may need to hire cleaning companies to work with specialized companies that take care of routine maintenance such as filter replacements, HVAC/Plumbing readers, etc. “Next to IT/technology and HVAC/mechanical, flooring is one of the highest cost components of a commercial /residential building,” said Josh Eike. “In addition, removing and replacing worn-out flooring surfaces is extremely disruptive and not environmentally friendly. Our maintenance programs follow all manufacturers’ recommendations and have specific processes built to make a floor that may normally have a 7-10 year useful life lasting for 20+ years. One example of this is our power pile lifting process. In high traffic areas on a carpeted floor, the fibres will get crushed and wear patterns will become apparent and hence the carpeting will start to look bad.”


Sometimes it makes sense to make improvements or upgrades in your building, especially if it’s older and may have outdated systems or features costing you money or causing safety issues. The control system of your building is one area that might deserve some attention. With today’s ever-changing technologies, a system installed ten years ago could be upgraded to include numerous new features to integrate into the control system. These might include adding an internet interface to the control system, a remote interface via mobile telephone technology, graphical interfaces, or metering equipment. Additionally, building owners want their building to be more “green,” whereby everything is integrated, optimized and environmentally friendly too.

“Buildings account for 68% of electrical consumption, 12% of total water consumption and 39% of carbon dioxide emissions. Reducing our dependence on foreign energy sources and providing clean air and water for future generations ultimately affects the nation’s security,” explained Rick Swarbrick with Superior Lighting.

BellRose offers premier janitorial and maintenance services to a wide range of residential and commercial buildings. Bellrose Janitorial is fully insured with a highly trained team that always gets the job done right and on time. BellRose offers more than just janitorial and maintenance services. We have a team of highly trained professionals to help you with live-in and live-out superintendent services. 

We offer flexible scheduling when it comes to our cleaning and janitorial services. Whether your requirement is regular daily office cleaning or one-time post-construction cleanup, we are ready to undertake the cleaning service, big or small. Visit us at www.bellrosejanitorialservices.com