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Fall 2020 Issue
People from all walks of life have chosen the condominium lifestyle. How do you manage an inclusive, cooperative environment that brings out the best in everyone? In this issue, we discuss the challenges and opportunities involved in managing a diverse community.

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10 Ways a Contractor Benefits from an Experienced Property Manager

Your Condo: Trades

Your Condo || Linda Duttmann

As a property manager, you are expected to be the jack-of-all-trades, and it is challenging navigating through so many different trades and disciplines in your buildings. The following practices are something that any contractor appreciate in the daily interactions we have with property managers.

Commitment to Excellence

Becoming ACMO 2000 Certified

ACMO 2000 || Yawar Khan, RCM & Dan Fried, RCM

ACMO 2000 certification is a best practice standard that has been vetted in the industry and represents the gold standard for condominium management. It gives us confidence that what we are doing and how we are doing it is not just “our” way – it’s the best way.

Benchmarking to Identify Potential Energy and Water Savings

Your Condo: Technology

Your Condo || By Brian Byrnes

Energy benchmarking is one of the easiest ways to begin to manage your building’s operating costs. Having a sound understanding of how much your building consumes energy and water is an excellent way to identify opportunities for efficiency and recommissioning, as well as adopting a more strategic approach to managing
your building’s costs.

Compliance and Mental Health Disability in Condominiums

Diversity and Its Challenges

Feature || Deborah Howden

People suffering from mental illness in a condominium setting, as in any community, represent a diverse group. They are persons experiencing many different types of health conditions, including anxiety, depression, phobias, hoarding, paranoia, schizophrenia, and dementia – and the list goes on. Each disability condition can range from mild to severe. Some people with mental illness require accommodation within the condominium setting – many others do not.

Condo Culture: Crossing Global Borders to Strengthen Neighbourly Bonds

Diversity and Its Challenges

Feature || Maryan Florio, RCM

Understanding your building’s cultural demographics is essential to build a sense of community, especially if there is a heavy concentration of residents in the building with ties to the same culture or region of the world.

Creating Meaningful Diversity in Your Workplace Can Lead to Better Business

Diversity and Its Challenges

Feature || Brian Bosscher

This could be the year that companies really start taking active steps to improve diversity in the workplace, but change won’t happen on its own.

Diversity and Inclusion in Condominiums

Diversity and Its Challenges

Feature || Stephanie Sutherland, MSc

The many advantages of condominium living mean that this lifestyle is appealing to a variety of different individuals. This diversity of condominium owners and occupants has the potential to create wonderful, well-rounded communities, but it can also present challenges, particularly when there is a lack of understanding about differences between the various populations.

Diversity: My Own Journey

Diversity and Its Challenges

Feature || Ruki Mohamedbhai, RCM

The issue of systemic racism needs to acknowledged and confronted. It challenges our perceived roles and makes us complicit in what is happening today. Whether an organization or society, everyone plays a key role in accepting, and most importantly, embracing our differences, regardless of your ethnicity, religion, sexual orientation or political beliefs.

From the Executive Director

The Lasting Opportunities of Normal

Message from the Executive Director || Paul B. MacDonald

The so-called ‘new normal’ thrust on us by the pandemic is anything but normal. The pandemic is unprecedented and came with challenges most of us were ill-prepared to deal with.

Embracing Diversity

Diversity and Its Challenges

Feature || Bill Lang, RCM

Condominium corporations and directors should encourage more diversity among the owners who run for their boards. Currently, people from minority backgrounds are underrepresented in board positions. Too few are even remotely interested in running for open positions.

Is your Indoor Air Healthy?

Your Condo: Maintenance

Your Condo || By Melissa Kois

We are truly living in unprecedented times with the global spread of COVID-19. The health of your residents has become a top priority, and the importance of maintaining indoor air quality is something property managers and the board of directors must consider going forward.


ACMO’s Welcomes New Directors at Its First Virtual AGM, End to COVID-19 Temporary Changes in Condo Law, Masks in Condos, and Reporting Energy and Water Use

News and Previews || Tracey Doherty

In this issue: ACMO’s welcomes its new directors and holds its first virtual AGM, temporary changes to condo law end, GTA adopts mask by-law, energy and water use benchmarking helps reduce condominium costs, and the Energy Star treasure hunt.

Paving is Easy! (When You Plan)

Your Condo: Maintenance

Your Condo || Jeff Truman

Replacing your asphalt is likely one of the most substantial expenses a townhome or commercial condominium will experience, along with roof replacement. Projects of this size affect the corporation’s financial situation and must be included in reserve planning. Paving projects are disruptive and can negatively impact both the residents and site aesthetics if not done correctly.

President's Message

Lessons Learned

Message from the President || Dean McCabe

These unprecedented times have presented many new challenges to the condominium management profession. For the first time, managers have had to focus as much on the health of their community as on managing the property. Managers became “essential workers,” demonstrating the professionalism, adaptability and flexibility that lies under the surface of what we do every day.

Proper Planning and Infrastructure for Electric Vehicles in your Building

Your Condo: Technology

Your Condo || Adrian Abramovic

With the federal government’s national target of 10% EV market share by 2025, Ontario’s anticipated rise in the number of electric vehicles requires that both residential and commercial condominiums are prepared. That means ensuring that proper planning and infrastructure are in place to serve the current and future requirements of
their owner’s EV charging stations.