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Winter 2020 Issue
This issue contains valuable information on the governance and management of condominiums and their impact on the condo lifestyle, including understanding declaration documents, rules and bylaws; the condominium manager’s role; and the relationship between the manager, the board, and owners.

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COVID-19 – Impact on Management & Our Industry

Condo Living: A Manager's Perspective

Feature || Vince Bennett, RCM

The on-set of the global COVID-19 pandemic struck the world like a bad dream at the beginning of 2020. As news and the virus spread worldwide, our communities started to shut down like a light switching off. Without any time to prepare or plan, services were ordered to shut down, businesses to close, and it seemed as though the world was placed on hold for most. This was not the case in the condominium industry.

Managing the Relationship Between the Manager, the Board, and the Owners

Condo Living: A Manager's Perspective

Feature || Bogdan Alexe, RCM

Relationships are complicated. There are quite a few “ingredients” required for a relationship to be healthy and successful: respect, trust, honesty, compromise, communication and the list goes on. Relationships are dynamic and never stop evolving, and given they have so many “moving parts,” it is easy to understand how they need constant nurturing.

Up and Across: A summary of some of the differences in managing highrise and townhome condominiums

Condo Living: A Manager's Perspective

Feature || Michael H. Clifton

Condominiums fall into a few broad categories. The Condominium Act, 1998 (the “Act”) recognizes leasehold and freehold, standard, vacant land, common elements, and phased, and there are other categories based on intended uses (e.g., commercial vs. residential) or design. Amongst residential condominiums, they can be broadly categorized as vertical (e.g., highrises) and horizontal (e.g., townhouses).

Congratulations! To the Graduating RCM Class of 2020


News and Previews || ACMO

ACMO wishes to recognize those members who achieved their RCM designation this year, and have demonstrated a commitment to professionalism and a higher standard of condominium management.

An Exercise in Perspective, Balance & Communications

Condo Living: A Manager's Perspective

Feature || Josée Deslongchamps, RCM

My favourite catchphrases include: “We work where you live,” “competing priorities,” and “difficult conversations with passionately angry people.” All excellent ways to paraphrase the everyday challenges of condo management! The work of property management, specifically residential condominium management, can be challenging, especially during an anxiety-ridden worldwide pandemic.

Financial Transparency and Building Trust with Owners

Condo Living: A Manager's Perspective

Feature || Maria Finoro, RCM

Before one can discuss how to build trust with condo owners, trust must first be established amongst the individual board members and then between the board and the property management company.

Overcoming Chargeback Hazards

Your Condo: Caselaw

Your Condo || J. Robert Gardiner

Chargeback claims against a unit owner often turn into a dispute unless clearly documented evidence and adherence to a set of chargeback procedures can convince the owner that the corporation’s claim is valid. Two recent cases highlight the need to take care.

Insurance Risk Management

Your Condo: Insurance

Your Condo || Teresa Girardin, RCM

With ever-rising insurance premiums on Condominium Corporation’s in Ontario, the best thing that Condominium Corporations can do is manage the risk. To keep premiums low, active risk management shows insurance carriers that the corporation is doing everything they can to avoid the need to file an insurance claim. Keeping owners informed and asking them to participate in mitigating these risks can help minimize insurance claims for both the corporation and the owners themselves.

An Owner’s Guide to the Declaration, By-laws and Condo Rules

Condo Living: A Manager's Perspective

Feature || Laura (Glithero) Gurr

The condo corporation’s governing documents (the Declaration, By-laws and Rules) each serve a unique purpose. When operating well, these documents set the stage to allow the condo corporation to grow and adapt to any necessary changes. As an owner, understanding these documents will help you know how your condo corporation operates and what your role and responsibilities are within the condo corporation and the community.

The Impact of Governance and Management on Condominium Lifestyle

Condo Living: A Manager's Perspective

Feature || Vadim Koyen

Condo communities are often at the mercy of the board, which governs regulations and policies, and the property management companies who carry out the orders of the day. Collectively their job is to ensure the owners’ right to quiet enjoyment while also considering the type of lifestyle the condo community provides. When the two parties fail to manage the property effectively, its value, amenities, social aspects, and the residents’ lifestyle is negatively impacted.

Demand for a Greener Tomorrow Invites Condo Managers to Invest in Efficient Smart Tech

Your Condo: Technology

Your Condo || Brad Pilgrim

As climate changes, a building’s wellness and control become increasingly top-of-mind for managers, and multi-residential buildings (condos, especially) offer an untapped opportunity to become a sustainability leader.

RCM Profile

Jamie Poodry

RCM Profiles || Jamie Poodry, RCM

Shining the light on those in the condominium management profession.

RCM Profile

Kelly Halkett

RCM Profiles || Kelly Halkett, RCM

Shining the light on those in the condominium management profession.


A quick glance at what’s happening with ACMO and the condominium industry.

News and Previews || Tracey Doherty

In this issue: ACMO Hosts its First Virtual Luncheon, The New RCM Registry, Amendments to The Condo Act Relating to a Condo Guide, and the Services and Trades at your Fingertips.

The Back Page

ACMO Condominium Management Awards 2020

The Back Page || Tracey Doherty

Each year, ACMO honours exceptional achievements in the condominium industry with its annual awards of excellence.