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Fall 2023 Issue
Condominium managers are not lawyers, although they know the Condominium Act in detail. They are often caught up in legal issues such as CAT disputes and CMRAO complaints. This issue will discuss navigating legal issues and how managers can protect themselves.

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Caring for Trees

from Their Roots to Their Shoots

Your Condo || Ken Lund

Now that spring weather is upon us it is a great time to turn our attention to the care of trees and shrubs in our landscapes. Our woody plants are often overlooked for the many benefits they provide. Try to imagine your property without its trees and shrubs. No cooling shade or privacy screening, no contrast to all of the concrete and asphalt not to mention the beauty in all the colours and interesting shapes of our woody plants. 

Policies that Address Cannabis

in the Workplace

Your Condo || Jason Sinukoff

Since October 17, 2018, condominiums across Ontario have been working to identify and address the emerging problems that have accompanied the legalization of recreational cannabis.

What Kind of Furniture Can I Use

in My Condo’s Lobby Space

Your Condo || Sarah McKenzie, Samantha Angel

Since February 2016, three serious multi-residential fires have occurred in the Toronto area. Although the specifics regarding the blazes differed, all three fires shared one similarity: the fuel source was furniture.

Case Law Summaries

for Spring

Your Condo || Greg Marley

Mr. Reino purchased his unit in 2013 from his mother who had owned the unit since 2004. Both purchasers received a ‘clean’ Status Certificate from the corporation when they purchased the unit. In 2016, Mr. Reino decided to sell the unit and asked for a Status Certificate. When it arrived it stated that he was in breach for unauthorized alterations to the layout of the unit. Neither he nor his mother claimed to have made any changes and he commenced an Application seeking a clean Status Certificate.

Don’t Forget Your Pets!

Emergency Preparedness for Your Furry Family

Your Condo || Vanessa Van Dette

Being caught unprepared during an emergency can feel overwhelming, especially if you have pets. It’s crucial to have an action plan that you can initiate at a moment’s notice.

Integrated Condominium

Security Solutions

Your Condo || Scott Hill

It is often repeated that property managers wear many hats as they service the facilities and the owners within the corporation. This is also valid when it comes to safeguarding the assets and the residents of buildings. Condominium security has evolved over the years – historically, it was a simple matter of ensuring that all door closures functioned, the locks were working, and that there was a fresh (daily) tape in the CCTV (Closed Circuit Television) system.

Fan Coil Drip Tray

or Condensate Pan Restoration

Your Condo || Davoran Corak

Condensate pan, or so-called drip tray, is located inside the fan coil unit and underneath the coil. The main purpose of the tray is to collect the condensation from the fan coil unit during the cooling season. The drain is attached at the bottom of the pan and since the drain pipe is usually small in size (1/4” in diameter) it is susceptible to blockage.

Common Expenses

Recent Cases

Your Condo || Denise Lash

Common expenses are a lifeline for condominiums. In order for a condominium to be properly operated and maintained, it needs the funds generated by the common expenses to be paid on a timely basis by all owners in accordance with their share of common expenses as set out in the declaration. The following cases dealt with situations where this did not happen.

Where Are

My Keys?

Your Condo || David McPake

After 40 years in the security industry, I have seen a lot of changes. In our early years, I don’t think we had a single solution for our clients that involved electrons or IP addresses. You’re probably not surprised to hear that.

Best Practices

for Reserve Fund Studies

Your Condo || Martin Gerskup, Mitchell Gerskup

By law, condominium corporations in Ontario must obtain a comprehensive reserve fund study report, which is updated every three years. The updated studies alternate between non-site-based updates, and site-based updates where the engineer will re-visit the site to perform a visual inspection of the development. 



Your Condo || Jessica Gunawardana

I am a firm believer in the saying “a chain is as strong as its weakest link,” which in essence defines that the success of an entire group depends on the success of each member of the group. As property managers carrying out our daily juggling acts, we understand the importance of a strong team that helps to ease some of the burden, and pave the way toward our success. 

The Alternative

to Repiping

Your Condo || Alyscia Sutch

For years, property managers, municipalities and even homeowners have resorted to traditional pipe replacement methods to fix their cracking, leaking and root-intruded pipes. 


What a Manager Should Know, Do and Avoid

Your Condo || Timothy Duggan

“Sticks and stones may break my bones, but names will never hurt me.” People reading this article may be familiar with this expression from childhood. It stands for the idea that a verbal attack cannot injure its target in the same manner as a physical attack might. As any child who has been called names in the schoolyard could tell you, however, words can hurt even if no bones are broken.

New Rules

Regarding Access to Records

Your Condo || Joel Berkovitz

The ability of unit owners to access records may be the area most affected by the legislative changes. Up until now, the process by which owners requested and obtained (or were denied!) access to records has been unregulated. The legislative changes introduce new procedures, terms and forms. The following is a high level overview of these changes, but rest assured we could fill five articles with discussion just about records!

Seven HVAC

Best Practices

Your Condo || Linda Duttmann

Over the past twenty-five years in the industry, working with both highrise condominium managers and boards, and the commercial building sector, I can say that the HVAC in a building is often overlooked in terms of ensuring that the equipment runs efficiently with as little owner/tenant downtime as possible.