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Fall 2023 Issue
Condominium managers are not lawyers, although they know the Condominium Act in detail. They are often caught up in legal issues such as CAT disputes and CMRAO complaints. This issue will discuss navigating legal issues and how managers can protect themselves.

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Fire Safety: Alarming Trends & How You Can Be Prepared

Your Condo: Fire Safety

Your Condo || Michele Farley

Along with the rise in fatal residential home fires, in 2023, we have seen a 10% increase in fires in high-rise residential buildings. With our people and buildings at higher risk than ever since smoke alarms became mandatory, what changes can we expect?

The Crucial Role of Condo Security and Concierge Staff in Managing Emergencies and Mitigating Legal Situations

Your Condo: Security

Your Condo || Mike Fernandes

Condominium residential communities require efficient management and security measures to ensure the safety and well-being of their residents. In this regard, condo security guards and concierge staff play a vital role. This article delves into the training provided to these professionals, exploring how their expertise and preparedness enable them to effectively manage emergencies and mitigate legal situations in partnership with property managers and the board of directors.

The Hilarious Journey of Condo Refurbishment: Unraveling the Design-Build Enigma

Your Condo: Refurbishment

Your Condo || Rajmonda Cukaj

Condominium property managers and board directors face various challenges when selecting the perfect construction process and company for their common area refurbishment projects. With this article, I intend to take a lighthearted journey with you down the rabbit hole of condominium refurbishment.

Building Revitalization: A Proposition to Add Value Through a Holistic Approach

Your Condo: Building Revitalization

Your Condo || Sathya Ramachandran

Residential properties are an important asset, whether owned as a primary residence or an investment. When they are condominium properties, several people with varying interests influence the decisions to maintain the common elements that impact the asset’s value.

Electric Vehicle Mayhem: Navigating EV Charging Solutions

Your Condo: EV Charging

Your Condo || Steve Hubbard

While gas stations are abundant, Electric Vehicle Charging Systems are in short supply, so the federal government has introduced the Zero Emission Vehicle Infrastructure Program to help fund the installation of EVCS across the country. The funding is available via various delivery organizations and can cover up to 50% of project costs to install EVCS in commercial, industrial and multi-unit residential buildings, including condominiums.

Stop Throwing Money Out the Window!

Your Condo: Window Replacement

Your Condo || Thomas Noël

2023 will be an important year for townhouses, row houses, low-rise condominiums, and the fight against greenhouse gas emissions. This year, generous grants are available to replace old windows with new, state-of-the-art, energy-efficient ones.

Safety Tips for Condo Communities

Managing Contractors, Suppliers & Expectations

Your Condo || Reuben Smith

Condominium living offers a sense of community and security, but as with any community, incidents of violence can occur. As a manager, board member or staff member, it’s essential to be proactive in ensuring the safety of residents and coworkers. The following are steps that condominium communities can take to minimize the risk of violence and be prepared to respond in the event of an emergency.

Electrical Preventative Maintenance

Your Condo: Maintenance

Your Condo || Joe Calabria

Building owners and property managers should be aware of the importance of preventative maintenance procedures for electrical distribution and emergency generators and the responsibility to protect their longevity, safety, and critical infrastructure to avoid unexpected equipment failure.

Signs Of Debt

Your Condo: Collections

Your Condo || Sarah Stachiw

We know that more families than ever are struggling with debt, and many are too embarrassed to seek financial help. As a condo manager, you likely see signs from some of your owners but may not be aware that they are financially stressed. Let’s look into some tell-tale signs that you can watch out for.

Working with your Residents: Setting Expectations in EV Charging

Your Condo: EV Charging

Your Condo || Joshua Paras

Every year, more Canadians switch to Electric Vehicles (EVs), with Quebec, British Columbia, and Ontario leading the way in vehicle sales and charging infrastructure. With the growing popularity of EVs, more and more residents will expect to be able to charge their vehicles in their own parking spots overnight. By working with your residents and getting ahead of the demand by planning for EV charging now, you can prevent costly time-sensitive work in the future while keeping your residents happy.

Protect the Corporation’s Interests When Renovating

Your Condo: Renovations

Your Condo || Adriana Mot

Refurbishment projects in condominiums often wrongfully use the CCDC2 contract for a design-build contractual arrangement. This practice, despite its commonality, is a risky approach.

Soundproofing Condominiums

Your Condo: Soundproofing

Your Condo || Frederick Seebacher

Property managers and board of directors in condominiums are looking to solve or prevent problems in existing buildings/renovations. Owners are simply trying to follow their condo regulation chart when renovating floors. They do that by looking at soundproof ratings, which can often become a nightmare. Is the high-performance number advertised the right thing to look at to make a good decision? The answer is yes, but there are also several factors to be taken into consideration.

Elevator Codes are Changing. Is Your Property Ready?

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Your Condo || March Elevator

Property Managers are not typically mindful of elevator codes and developments. However, incoming amendments to jurisdictionally adopted elevator codes (related to elevator safety and emergency features) will affect capital expenditure planning (CapEx) whether these are initially considered or not.

What You Need to Know Tendering an HVAC Contract

Your Condo: HVAC

Your Condo || Kelly Halkett

ne of the many jobs a manager has is the tendering of the corporation’s contracts. From firsthand experience, I think we can all take a collective sigh and agree that this can be a challenging and time-consuming process. There is a lot to consider with potential vendors, including whether they are registered with ACMO, their overall experience level, and reputation in the industry, to name a few.

A Guide to Electric Vehicle Charging in Ontario

Your Condo: EV Charging

Your Condo || Bradley Chaplick

This article provides an introductory guide for the two main types of EVCS installations; by the condominium corporation on the common elements for shared use and by unit owners in their own parking spaces. It also provides practical advice so that you can be well-prepared for the growing demand for electric vehicle charging in multiple-dwelling residential buildings.