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CM Magazine is the flagship quarterly publication of the Association of Condominium Managers of Ontario (ACMO) and for more than 30 years has served as the leading source of in-depth coverage of industry news, issues, information, education and best practices for condominium management professionals and service providers.

CM Magazine has a printed circulation of 7,000+ per issue and a digital circulation of approximately 400 views per issue.  The audience consists of Condominium Managers, Condominium Management Companies, Industry Services & Trades Providers, and Condominium Boards. 

Article submission is not open to the general public. ACMO members in good standing may contribute articles. From time to time we will reach out to the broader condominium industry and request articles from non-members and other industry experts (e.g. government partners, educational partners, legal experts), if the subject matter requires a distinctive perspective that cannot be addressed by an individual ACMO member or company.

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Winter 2022 Issue
Communication is an essential skill required for the management and daily operations of a condominium community. Communicating effectively is the key to building successful relationships between boards, owners, or contractors.

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How Customer Service

Raises the Bar

Feature || Steven Hill

I’ve been in the property management industry for the better part of two decades. When I started my career in the summer of 1989, property management was much easier, the pressure was lower and the expectations were reasonable. Over the years, I have seen the industry grow, change and evolve in many different ways and subsequently, so have the roles and responsibilities of a property manager. 

ACMO 2000

A Strong Foundation for Success

Your Condo || Steven Hill

Starting a property management company is no small feat. It takes courage, strength, energy and, most of all, creativity. We opened Whitehill Residential with all the best intentions – to take what we have learned from working in the industry over many years to create a business of “best practices.”