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Spring 2022 Issue
This ultimate “How-To” guide for condominium managers provides information about the basic fundamentals of condo management, and practical advice from those working in the industry.

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Executive Director's Message

This Old ACMO

Message from the Executive Director || Paul B. MacDonald

President's Message

Value in Sharing Knowledge

Message from the President || Katherine Gow, RCM

RCM Profile

Kirsten Dale, RCM

RCM Profiles || Kirsten Dale, RCM

Manager of the Year

Bes Kondi, RCM

The Back Page || Bes Kondi, RCM

A Guide to Electric Vehicle Charging in Ontario

Your Condo: EV Charging

Your Condo || Bradley Chaplick

This article provides an introductory guide for the two main types of EVCS installations; by the condominium corporation on the common elements for shared use and by unit owners in their own parking spaces. It also provides practical advice so that you can be well-prepared for the growing demand for electric vehicle charging in multiple-dwelling residential buildings.

A Property Managers Guide to Starting, Facilitating and Completing Capital Projects

The How-To Guide

Feature || Kaezad Wania

As of January 2021, there are reportedly over 11,000 condominium corporations across Ontario, with the Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation reporting that 55% of homes under construction in Ontario are condominiums. As the number of condominiums rises year after year, managers across the province are bound to experience managing the replacement of capital equipment projects sooner or later.

Analysis Tools to Drive Decisions

The How-To Guide

Feature || Kateryna Polek, RCM

Board members are often hesitant to approve projects because of associated costs, lack of information, or an overall resistance to change. As custodians of the industry, condominium managers empower their directors to make critical decisions within the corporations they manage. A useful method that can help managers in this process is the application of alternative scenario analysis.

Beauty and the Budget: Striking a Balance Between Design and Cost

The How-To Guide

Feature || Sharon Nease

How do you optimize refurbishment budgets while adding value to properties and improving condominium communities? Read on for some tips and advice, along with a case study showing real-world examples.

Continuing Shortages in the Condo Industry Due to the Pandemic

Your Condo: Supply Chain

Your Condo || Vince Bennett, RCM

The pandemic continues to have a significant impact on our industry with little end in sight. We are all aware that almost all sectors that service our communities face employment challenges. Service providers from management companies, to accounting firms, to security companies and plumbing companies; most have reported that they are understaffed.

For the Record: Comprehensive Record-Keeping in the Digital Age

The How-To Guide

Feature || Sarah Petrie, RCM

When you think about it, the amount of documentation accumulated throughout the lifetime of a condominium may likely reach the height of the Niagara escarpment. Each condominium requires extensive documentation of processes, minutes, purchase orders, and corporation records, which are often required for reference purposes years into the future.

How to Properly Prepare for an AGM

The How-To Guide

Feature || Sean Wilde, RCM

In preparing for an annual general meeting, whether online, in person or a hybrid, it’s vital to ensure the condominium manager is on the same page as the board of directors and everyone is clear about how the meeting will be conducted.

How to Select a Service Provider

The How-To Guide

Feature || Emiel Bril

With so many vendors out there, it can be hard to decide who would be a good fit for your property. Not all companies are created equal, and you want to be sure that you’re choosing the best company when you’re considering letting them bid on your annual or one-off contracts

The Hidden Joys of Budget Preparation

The How-To Guide

Feature || Patrick Krall, RCM & Bill Lang, RCM

When property managers are planning for the financial welfare of condominium corporations, there are definite ways to mitigate undue heartache and efficiently present budget proposals. It’s the manager’s responsibility to make sure their boards are presented with accurate data to make informed decisions on the budget. Condo boards armed with this knowledge are responsible for ensuring their condo corporation is funded to maintain the property for their residents.

How to Run a Great Hybrid AGM

The How-To Guide

Feature || Ben Zelikovitz

An appealing option to many and often viewed as a best of both world solution, hybrid meetings can be complex and have their unique set of challenges that must be considered. With that said, here are a few tips for running a successful hybrid AGM.


It’s Time to Change the Trend

Last Word || Sunandita Das

Large corporations and Government officials consistently implement diversity policies and raise awareness to bridge the gap to give women equal opportunities amidst unspoken red tape. The equality that should have been natural requires policy introductions for reiteration. That is the reality now.