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What is an RCM Designation?

The Registered Condominium Manager (RCM) designation was established more than 35 years ago by ACMO as a way for condominium managers to set themselves apart in an unregulated industry and has since become recognized as a marker of a serious, well-prepared and dedicated professional. The designation is supported by a rigorous educational program and a series of experience requirements. A manager who becomes an RCM has met the educational and experience requirements and begins a membership in a group of skilled professionals recognized as experts in their field.


Why Become an RCM?

“It’s a career with limitless possibilities and having the RCM designation provides me with the professional authority needed for Ontario’s higher standards.” — Craig McMillan, RCM

“Having the initials ‘RCM’ after my name lets the industry know I am reliable, accountable, honest, and ethical…the label implies a lot” — Anne Burgoon, RCM

“It’s not a mandate but an option… Going the extra mile shows that I am committed to the profession” — Daniel Perez-Arteaga, RCM


What is the difference between the RCM designation and the General Licence?

Since November of 2017 condominium managers in Ontario are expected be licensed. The education and experience requirements for the General Licence are similar to the requirements of the RCM designation, but they are NOT the same.

A condominium manager holding the RCM designation has passed the comprehensive RCM exam with at least 75%, proving their expertise in the field. An RCM is also expected to maintain up-to-date knowledge of the industry by participating in a Continuing Education program that includes educational sessions, conferences, webinars, teaching ACMO courses, and attending ACMO luncheons.

The RCM designation requires the condominium manager to actively improve their knowledge and skills, allowing its holder entry into an association that actively advocates for their profession, promotes professional networks and supports its members.

Earn Your RCM Designation

Note: All professional condominium managers, including RCMs, are required to be licensed through the CMRAO