ACMO 2000 Overview


Why become an ACMO 2000 Certified Management Company?  Certification benefits many stakeholders in the condominium community.

Since ACMO 2000 Companies adhere to a series of core operational principles, condominium corporations expect to receive a higher level of service consistently provided to their communities. ACMO 2000 Companies undergo regular audits to ensure the systems they developed to receive certification are still in place. On the rare occasion that a condominium corporation feels it is unable to resolve a dispute with their management company, it can rest assured knowing there is a complaints procedure to follow to pursue a resolution.

In order to receive and maintain certification, management companies put systems into place which makes their operations more efficient and robust. The auditor predicts that efficiency gains alone result in a positive return on investment in the ACMO 2000 program.

By working for an ACMO 2000 Certified company, condominium property managers receive additional and enhanced business tools to serve their condominium clients. The certified firm is also under an obligation to provide continuing education for its managers.

Professional service providers to condominiums benefit from standard and transparent procurement systems which enhance the long-term value of the supplier relationships.


The mission of the ACMO 2000 Certification Program is to equip condominium management firms to provide quality service by:




Fair and credible


Interested in becoming ACMO 2000 Certified?  Please contact ACMO at info@acmo.org for more details