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ACMO 2000 Spotlight

ICON Property Management

ACMO 2000 || Christy Plaitis, RCM

As an ACMO 2000 certified management firm since 2013, ICON Property Management (ICON) has continued to develop innovative principles and practices to exceed regulatory standards for transparency, accountability and performance excellence. Our business has continued to expand significantly in the last five years. Amid substantial growth, the ACMO 2000 program has continued to assist us in developing procedures for good governance to ingrain a consistent standard of service among the condominium communities we serve.

The ACMO 2000 program provides a uniform approach to streamlining internal processes and systems through its Quality Management Principles. ICON has incorporated these principles into its management philosophy and operational procedures to establish a systematic approach toward performance optimization. We’ve set our sights on developing procedures that deliver tangible results for our clients. These procedures can be easily integrated into our current management portfolio and seamlessly introduced to new clients as part of our building onboarding process.

Developing a building and field operations manual for each site also establishes core operational policies and procedures. We’ve found these resources especially helpful in maintaining a continuity of service for building residents when staffing changes occur. Ensuring all team members, including superintendents and security staff, are aware of the board’s expectations for service has helped ensure we can all operate effectively as a team.

ICON redefines the level of quality and consistency of service anticipated from property management experts via prudent stewardship and a team of committed tenured employees. ICON is dedicated to providing our clients with management services that are consistently high performance and of high quality. ICON successfully promotes and raises professional standards in property management by exemplifying regulatory excellence by adhering to the ACMO 2000 ideals.

ICON has recently completed an ACMO 2000 compliance audit to achieve re-certification as an ACMO 2000 Certified management firm. ACMO continues to maintain the integrity and prestige of this designation through a stringent and rigorous audit process. Pursuing re-certification was essential to our firm as it recognizes ICON’s aptitude to deliver quality services and resources to our clients. As an ACMO 2000 Certified firm, our clients are confident in our ability to provide the support and resources necessary to maximize the potential of their community. 


Christy Plaitis, RCM is the Senior Vice President of Operations with ICON Property Management Ltd. Christy spent almost ten years on the board of directors for her community before reversing roles and offering management support. She is dedicated to offering the communities she works with the best possible service.

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