RCM Registry

Insist on hiring a Registered Condominium Manager (RCM) to manage your condominium property

The RCM designation identifies managers who have gone above and beyond the minimum standard required by licensing and have gained the knowledge and skills to perform their responsibilities at an elevated level of professionalism. Pursuing the RCM designation demonstrates a drive for professional development and a dedication to a higher standard of service. Since 1984, the RCM has become widely recognized as the gold standard in condominium management and the mark of a dedicated professional and expert in the field.  

In 2017, the Condominium Management Regulatory Authority of Ontario (CMRAO) required those managing condominiums to obtain a General Licence. While the education and experience requirements for the General Licence are similar to the requirements of the RCM designation, they are NOT the same nor as vigorous. 

To achieve an RCM, a condominium manager must hold a General Licence having between two to three years full-time of specific experience with primary responsibility for a condominium corporation, compared to the General Licence compared to the General Licence requirement of only 2920 hours without primary responsibility for a condo. Managers must also achieve at least 75% on the comprehensive RCM exam or complete five advanced, in-depth certificate courses and complete 10 hours of continuing education seminars annually to stay current, build their expertise and maintain their professional designation.  

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This RCM Directory confirms condominium managers who are ACMO members in good standing, having earned their RCM designation. To find a Registered Condominium Manager and when they received their RCM designation, click on the links below to search the directory by beginning with the first letter of their last name: